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A Bigger Journey of Mine

I remember getting Rs. 15 per day as pocket money when I was in grade class 8 and 9. My school was in a village. Every day my routine was to start from home at 8 am in the morning and reach back home at around 6 pm. I used to walk 15 mins from home to bus stand, then 20-25mins bus travel, then 20 mins walk to school.
Rs 10 was for lunch and Rs 5 was bus fare. So the problem has i had 10 rs to eat for the whole day. During the lunch break, when I go to the canteen, every dishes half plate cost Rs. 5 and full plate Rs 10. I always wanted to eat full plate but if  I spent Rs 10 for afternoon lunch, I would be hungry as hell by the time I reach home at 6.30 pm. So I used to eat half stomach during the lunch break in the canteen, and with remaining 5 rs at evening while returning back home. Obviously, I used to eat half plate momo for  Rs 5 while returning back home.

All life was good, until I found a new hotel, where I ate once half plate momo wich cost rs. 6. This momo was so much better than that previous one of rs. 5; I wanted to eat momo in this new hotel every day. The problem was I had only 10 or 9 rupees. Since student card thing had been just kind of introduced at those times, the normal bus fare from my home to bus stand was 5 rupee, and for student some conductors took 2 rupee and some 3 rupee. Now if I had to pay 3 rupee both while coming and returning back then I could eat half plate either only in lunch or at evening. So when 2 rupee was taken by conductor for both ways, then I could afford to eat that tasty momo the next day, I still remember those conductors who took only 2 rupee fare from me were my gods.
I just wanted to give you guys a background what journey I must have come across to reach at today's position. Today i have computer engineer degree from a top university, masters degree from another top university- US and a job as a software developer in a big company in Germany.
So just don't get demotivated guys. Just keep on moving no matter what, there will be hundreds of ups and downs, and this is just the beginning of even a bigger journey of mine 

Things Woman Undergo After Marriage.

Well, my confession regarding the life of women after marriage. I am raised in a family where there is no discrimination between girls and boys. I was lucky to have the opportunity to study, work and take a decision on my own. I had a full-time job with good salary where I was highly appreciated for my hard work and sincerity and also I was pursuing my education. I used to score highest marks in my exam. I often used to help my mom in the kitchen being cooking as my hobby. Everyone in my family was happy and proud of me.Things changed drastically after marriage.

My whole schedule went up and down but it was fine things do change after marriage waking up early in the morning, cleaning, making tea, cooking food, washing dishes, washing clothes, going to work and going to college, returning home and doing the household work for some day I did without any complaints. Then my health problem arose a severe backache, could not even walk and stand.I was immediately taken to my dad’s house and my mom took care of me. Then after returning to husband’s house again, same house works and office work, I am studying expensive technical subject for which my parents are sponsoring my education as my in-laws are against my study. Despite working, my mother in law used to complain about me and my works. used to tell my husband bad words about me that initiated a fight between me and my husband.Used to cry alone in bathroom.

My mother in law often complains about my culture and my parents. I try to share my feelings with my husband but he ignores. Most of the time I see my husband playing mobile games(password in mobile that I don’t know) and watching TV or goes out with his friends after he returns from work.During my exam time, it was extremely difficult for me as I was compelled to do household works no matter what, so I went to my dad’s house.

Whenever I tell my husband for going out somewhere, he denies me but goes with his friends.I was so sad and fought with him.He told his friends means much more to him than me.I was so shocked.I have been working in his house like a slave. The limitation was over the head and so I shouted. my mother in law told me that I am a wife and should not talk to my husband that way.working in-house is a wife’s duty and bla..bla..she started adding petrol to the fire and so my husband started bad words on me. I finally asked me if he needed me or not and he said only if I take care of his house and family or else I may leave the house.

Dear Girls, please don't get married early that too arranged one.Find your perfect partner and enjoy your life.

-Broken Heart

Kids Please Stay Away

I am very confused and scared now. I am single and share a flat with another guy. My flatmate has gone on a 3-week vacation. Since the day he left, I am feeling a strange presence in the house. Few days back, I woke up in the middle of the night to a knocking sound on my bedroom door. I went and checked around the house and the main door was locked and there was no one. Then I heard a rumbling sound in the kitchen as if some metal container fell on the floor. I went and checked, and everything
was fine.

I asked aloud if there is anyone here, give me another sign. And the something fell behind me. I turned and saw a spatula fallen on the floor. I didn't see it falling so still I was confused if that was kept on the edge and fell by itself. I asked for another sign which never came.
Then the most strange thing happened today morning. I woke up and was checking my phone and suddenly I could smell a bad fart. I had not farted and the bed was suddenly full of the smell. I moved around and the smell was coming from the bed. A few seconds later it was gone. Then it happened again after 5 minutes. I then got up from the bed and went to the bathroom. The bathroom is little dark so I switched on the lights. While I was in the bathroom, the lights went off. I thought of the power failure. Then when I came out, I saw the fan running the bedroom. I immediately went and checked the bathroom light switch and it was switched off!!! I tried remembering if there was light was on in the bathroom when I entered, and it was!! Someone had switched off the lights when I was in there.

I checked all the doors and they were bolted from inside. Today I am going to spend the night at my friend's place. 
My ex-girlfriend had died last month in an accident. Do you think it could be her? She anyways was a kind of ghost when she was alive, do you think she turned into a real ghost after death and has come back to harass me again?

Dear Girl Who Has Been Replaced

Just because he's already with a new girl, that doesn't mean you should feel like you've been replaced because the truth is it's impossible to replace you. He might think she's prettier than you, he might think her personality is better than yours, and he might think he's more compatible with that girl than he was with you, but don't let him take away how special you are in your own way, how unique you are in your own right, and how amazing you are in your own light. You shouldn't look at her and feel ugly, you shouldn't compare yourself to her and feel like you aren't good enough, and you shouldn't see how he loves her and hate yourself for it. He might not be able to see what you're worth, but you should know what you worth. He might not be able to recognize your value, but you should be able to recognize what your value is. He might not be able to realize what you deserve, but you should be able to give yourself what you deserve. Sure, he's already with another girl, but that doesn't mean you have to already be with another guy, too. Right now is the time for you to find yourself and pick up the pieces of yourself that were left broken by him. You don't need to be worrying about guys, let alone one who doesn't care about you anymore. I know you're feeling vulnerable, but don't be so quick to fall for the next guy who's there for you because you aren't ready to be with someone at the moment. If he's already happy because of another girl, good for him. He's no longer your problem. He's her problem. Let her deal with what kind of guy he truly is when she eventually finds out. Just focus on yourself, do you, and eventually you'll be the reason why you're happy.

-Yours Loving Sister

It's Time to Thank

I came across this story from one my friends. One of the most inspiring i have read so far. So I just shared here since many people are following this page.

"I see a lot of my juniors confessing about love , sex , make outs awesome college life. I want to confess something else." I joined college. I was very introvert and was ragged a hell lot. A belt was tied around neck and I was made to roam around the college on my first day. When I complained to my dad, he thrashed me saying that I was a loser and wasting his hard earned money (he hoped that I was in IIT). I felt liked being raped that day, not by my college seniors but by my dad. I got a very low grade in my first semester because I was pressurized by my dad to appear for IIT again. I got a severe thrashing from him again. My mom somehow rescued me.In second semester I mustered up enough courage to propose to my best friend but she rejected me because in her words, "she didn't want to be ridiculed by her friends". She stopped talking to me after that. I was heart broken as she and my mom were the only people I shared everything with.During the 4th semester break, while I was returning home after teaching a student, I got a phone call informing me that my mom had expired. My world came crashing that day. I cried for days on end and somehow picked myself up as I had no other alternative.My attendance fell very low that semester and I was summoned by the principal. When I told him about my mother's death he replied,"I hear this lie everyday. Please bring me the death certificate if you have one ." Then while I was leaving he told me, "no need to bring death certificate, useless guys like you can even fake that. Call your dad."My friends always ridiculed me because I was loser. I didn't laugh at their jokes. To mix with them, I started drinking. I didn't like the taste but liked the high. I often used to act drunk to appear more cool. I learned to call girls "Item" but never knew its real meaning. That helped me survive college.
It was the campussing day, I got rejected that day again. I hoped to make it to the next company but was unsuccessful till the end of campussing. I had tried a lot, attended English speaking classes (my English was horrible), brought new pair of shirt. When my dad heard this he told me not to call again and this time I didn't feel remorse or regret for him. For the entire night I contemplated suicide but couldn't as I had promised my mom that I will shine one day.I started doing private tutions and preparing for CAT. I gave my everything. I got 97.8% percentage but couldn't make it again to a big IIM because of my low grades. What had I done now to deserve this? I finally got admitted into a decent college and a helpful bank manger arranged for loan. After passing out I got into Volvo as a junior manager. It didn't last for 3 months because I couldn't lick my boss' boot properly. My service was terminated because of being inefficient. I started making i phone apps in my leisure time while I was applying for a few companies. Slowly I took it up as a more serious start up, got hold of 2 more friends like me who were from CS background and were unable to find a job.In 2011, I made a small office. By the end of 2011, I had a small group of 8 engineers working with me. In 2012, we bagged several contracts from companies like Mobiquity , Exxon mobile and the workforce increased to 30 developers. In march 2013, I will be applying for turnover of over 5 crores (50 Millions INR) .
I don't know how to thank god for His blessings. I thank that senior who ragged me on my first day at college, that girl who dumped me, my professors who ridiculed me, the numerous friends who thought I was a loser. It is you who gave me the courage, the fire, the anger to succeed against all odds. Seriously no hard feelings guys, you made me what I am. I don't stay with my dad but I send him enough so that he can lead a comfortable life.
My advise to all juniors-- Shine in life. When a loser like me can, why cant you? Never let people say you can't do it. Many people might have faced similar or more lows in college life but Never give up. Let not a broken relationship, failed grade, lost job opportunity or "status" among friends define you. And never lose faith in humanity, in goodness.

Letter To Future Child

Dear future child,
When you’re sixteen, and it’s three in the morning, and you find yourself unable to sleep, tears pooling in your eyes because you think you are worthless, get up. Get up, walk to the wash basin, wash your face, and snuggle into my bed.
Whisper in my ear, “Amma, I’m scared.” And I promise, I’ll hold you so tight that you’ll forget the pain you were feeling a few moments ago.
Do not share your secrets with random strangers at four in the morning like Amma used to. Don’t let them see you at your weakest, because they will use you, and they will hurt you real bad. Every single person who said that they would never give up on you will give up, and trust me, sometimes within an hour of saying it. People who promised to never leave will leave, making you feel more broken than ever. Do not fall in love with the idea of falling in love, because you will wake up someday, and find out that you were so busy falling that you never realized that it was an idea you loved, and not the person you were falling for. And the moment you realize this, you’ll fall out of love at the speed of light. You’ll break hearts.
If you ever feel like there is light years of distance between us, tell me. I will build you the fastest spaceship ever. I promise I’ll understand you, and even if I don’t, I’ll try. I’ll hold you tight when you feel low, and tickle you until you smile.
Whenever you feel sad, instead of picking up a blade like amma used to, pick up a paintbrush or a pen. Cry your heart out. Trust me, that fake smile plastered on your face means nothing. Remember, being sad is okay, but getting used to sadness is not. So, as I said, cry your heart out. Cry a river, cry an ocean if you want. And if you cannot build a bridge over it, build a small boat, a boat so strong that even the strongest of the waves won’t be able to destroy it, and start sailing. Do not start loving the ocean, because that way, you’ll never reach the shore. That way, you will never be happy. Accept sadness, but do not embrace it.
Dear future child, live. :)
-Yours Amma