Can Love Happen Twice?

Male - Bangalore

A year back, there was a huge change in my life. I had a break up. I lost some friends whom i loved as a part of my family. I had no money. I had to leave the job and joined the new one which was not surely what i wanted to do. Everything was falling in front of my eyes. I was so determined that i will never be in relationship as well because i was so hurt because of the break up. I didn't used to talk much with anybody. Actually, I hated to talk with anybody. I used to remain quiet. I started hating myself. Even though, I was totally focused with my family, I was still broken and sad. I was really not able to accept the truth and move on. Then there came a girl. I still remember the first day. I, literally, was irritated because of her behavior. She was talkative and was asking a favour from me. We both were working on the same institution. The first day impression was not quite well. while in the work, i used to remain alone because of the problems i had. but this girl came to sit with me. She used to keep on talking and talking. She used to share her food. She used to share about her life. She was always eager to hear about me but i was the guy, who didn't want to share.
But, she kept on compelling and i had to share. And its funny that i used to think ""oh! god!! this girl is really getting into my nerves"".
We added each other on what sapp and facebook. She always brought food and was happy to share with me. And I too waited for her food everyday.
Then, slowly, unknowingly, changes came in me. She knew everything about me. She started feeling my pain. I told her that i was a smoker and a heavy drinker as well. As every girl, she was not impressed of my habit :D 
And there was one day, I was looking at her and started feeling that i was in love with her. The guy, who was so determined not to have relation, was falling in love. I started thinking at that moment that ""love is not meant for me. I am not allowed to be loved. My heart will break again."" I was so scared to be broken. And, even i didn't want her to be hurt because of me. So, all the closeness must be stopped with her. I was still looking at her and all those things were running in my mind. All those past too. Since, everybody was around. She just asked me through a gesture- what happened? I shook my head and said ""nothing"" {the easiest answer for me}
She kept on calling and messaging me and wanted to meet. She kept on waiting for me . And, I, as always, with the same thought (this girl is getting in my nerves), had to go and meet her. But, i was falling in love...with her.. and i didn't know.
We used to spent alot of time on whatsapp, talking with each other. While we were having some talks(especially about me, my behavior), suddenly, she proposed me(I love you!!). these three words just melted me. {i'm skipping some part of the conversation}
Then she asked me""so Mr............., Do you love me?"" [the date was Aug 8 2015]
Yes i do. But, I didn't tell her that day. I told her that i will reply tomorrow. Because i really wanted to tell her that I love her, in front of her. The next day, Bought some snickers. and the whole day, i kept on giving her snickers..not from my hand.. but through other..But, she knew that i was giving. and while i was leaving from home. Went to her, kept the last snicker in her drawer. Went closer and I said ""I love you"" and left from home.
And, now, I know, its just 1 year and more. But, within this time, there has been drastic change in me. Still lots of changes are needed to be done to make myself better. And this girl is always motivating and loving me.. Yes, we fight but god knows and we know that we can't live without each other.. Yes, we don't spend whole night talking with each other on phone. We don't gift expensive gifts to each other. But, whatever we have, we are happy to share. We play, we act childish no matter where we are. She still keeps on irritating me :P but i just love it. We don't usually go to expensive restaurants but We love to cook for each other. and we cook together sometimes, either in her home or mine. Not just as lover, we are like best friends. We help in each others work. We are just growing together. We have shared everything and there is nothing to hide. All the goods and bad of our life. When i make mistake, she scolds me. When she makes mistake. (oh, sorry, she never makes mistakes :D ) And, yes we are just loving our relation.
Well, this is it. thanks for reading our love life.
So, guys i just want to say, God has plan for us. Just, believe. And, just love the one with whom you are with. Appreciate their love. give them the love, they deserve. Anyone can touch the body. But the strongest are those, who touches the heart.

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