Not Every Arrange Marriages Ends Up In Divorce.

Ours is an arranged marriage. At our engagement dinner, all our friends and family were forcing us to feed each other saying that it's our tradition and not to refuse that. So then my fiance took some food and approached to feed me. Being surrounded by a lot of family members, I was really embarrassed and shy. Seriously think how it will be if you were in that situation. I seriously don't know what to do. I turned a deep red as he fed me. People around me noticed it too and started to point to my face and say, 'Omg! Look at her blushing' 'Awww' 'Eewwww'. So my fiancee looks at me, holds my gaze and says 'Will you blush like this every time I feed you?' and if it was possible I turned redder as I nodded my head.
Fast forward to today, years later and every single day, if we are having any meal together, he always feeds me the first bite from his plate before he begins eating. It doesn't matter who is around us, a vacation, a birthday party, a business dinner, or any event. Even if our parents or in-laws are around...any kind of setting, he will come find me and feed me. There are times when I am sitting with a group or women and he is with his guy friends, he would walk straight up to where I am sitting and proceed to put the food in my mouth. Its has just become second nature to him and he does it without even thinking. And yes, I still blush when he does that! Not every love marriages ends up with true love life and not every arrange marriages ends up in divorce.

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