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My partner (bf) handed me his phone when i was in a business call. so that I could enter some information like contact number or email id in his phone’s notes section. After making the entry, as I was exiting the application, I stumbled across a Note titled “G.M”. These happen to be my initials.

Now my partner is someone I look up to with utmost respect as he is one of the most intellectually sound people that I have met. He is also someone who cannot display affection. So that does make me feel unloved at times and even though I have made peace with this aspect of him, I do feel a bit insecure.

Coming back to the note titled “GM”. I clicked on it and what I saw made me extremely giddy with happiness. The note had two subtitles- Migraine(headache) and Periods. And under these subtitles very neatly he had written all the dates on which I had experienced a migraine attack (headache) and my menstrual cycle dates. At the bottom of the migraine section,he had written an analysis of how far apart my migraines had become off lately and at the bottom of my menstrual cycle section he had written the tentative dates of my next cycle with a small message that said “Remind GM of carrying a sanitary napkin to work. She always forgets.” i never know that how lucky i'm :(
#killeR  So girls feel loved when their bf remember their period dates. Ayo nan sollala pa confessor solranga. Avalum oru pen dhane  :p

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