My Facebook Friend

We met through Facebook.I was 18 then. We had some chats.And eventually we got into relationship.Though never seen,never touched I had a deep feeling for him.He use to work and I was a student. He used to get angry for the mistakes I made but I used to assure him that I wouldn't repeat. And thing used to get normal. He is a short-tempered man and so do I,but I never had any guts to show him my anger because somewhere deep inside me I had a feeling that I would loose him if both of us get angry at same time.I was in love with his every single thing. I knew he love me more than I do but he never use to express.we thought of getting married after 2 years of our relationship. No we didn't met whole 2 years. I was in chennai and he was in Bangalore. We told our family. They had some problem from my side and his side too but later we convinced our family and we got married. It was and love come arranged marriage. we met just 3 days before only from our marriage date and finally we got married. There were people saying virtual love and all but trust me there wasn't a single moment when I thought that my feelings for him were fake. We both are happy and blessed to have each other. ❤️Thank you for loving me this much babe ❤️ I just wanted to share my happiness.

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