Why I'm Like this?

I don't know how to explain this but I seem to be the kind who is always unhappy fr no reason. My parents are very conservative and don't really trust me.. And I cannot trust anyone in this world cause nobody is true... I have everything in life bit still feel like I have nothing.. There are times when I sit and cry my heart out but in school I am this confident girl and I top in everything I do.. I am a great debater and stuff and I socialize well and I crack lots of jokes and everyone likes me but I don't know there's something missing all the time... I feel insecure and lonely and I break down... I don't even know why u know and this troubles me... I feel lost and helpless and... I am so confused.. Very very emotionally weak.. I am not into smoking or drinking.. I just want to be left alone you know... I don't know why :(

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