Keep Calm And Wait

"I always wanted to write about the love story we endure but unfortunately I don't know where to start with or what to say about. 

The reason I want to write this confession is because our love is beyond religion which ended up in marriage. 

He is a Hindu and I am a muslim, we were madly in love for 5 years and got married very recently with parents blessings. We begin our love by knowing it's impossible to get married. He reluctantly told not to be in contact on the day we realised our love because he know it won't happen. 

I was shattered and can't imagine him with anyone else. I shamelessly told him I want to spend time with him until I get married. My parents were seeing alliance for me then. But as the days passed by I realized it's him or no one else. 

We told our parents, it nearly took 2 years to convince them. And finally we are here together writing this lying next to him. That two years was the hardest part I ever gone through. More of emotional and physical drama. House arrest and much more. But if you will it will happen. 

To everyone who think of breakup due to family or religion issue just believe in your love and try to convince your parents. It's not easy but definitely achieveable."

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