My Arrange Marriage Story

I arrived late at home, he was cooking food. He asked me why I was late, "I said meeting lasted for hour and u know traffic jam". After refreshment I came out of the room, it was the sweet gesture of him to cook food and serve for me with love and care as he knew I was tired because if busy schedule. He is also a job holder but he never said households chores is only done by me. We work with mutual understanding and respect each others view. "We both are imperfect which makes us perfect". Sometimes he compromise,sometimes I compromise. Most of the time I behave childish, mad still he gently handles it. Whatever the situation comes he support me and helps me to make decision. I believe on him more then I believe on myself. No it was not love marriage it is an arranged marriage, he came to see me with his family one fine day and I was worried n I did all the possible way so he may dislike me as I was not ready for marriage because my past still used to haunt me. Another day I came to know he liked me. sigh! god knows I literally wanted to kill him haha. After some day he went back to his life at Dubai and he added me on social site, I didn't spoke much with him still he did all the possible way to make me comfortable as a friend,later on we chatted & shared the life stuff and he was down to earth was the thing that attracted me towards him. I shared my past relationship and the breakup and with my surprise he said " you were meant to be mine so, you had breakup wink wink" I laughed with little blush pinkish on my cheeks. We are living happily together :) 

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