The Cute Little Boy

This happened nearly 3 years ago, while i was returning from the market. I stepped out of a shop and was about to start my two wheeler when I found a kid nearly 5-6 year old asking me "Sister, can you please drop me near railway station? His clothes looked old and he was carrying a big packet which appeared heavy. "Sure" I replied, "Would it be possible to sit in the seat ?" I asked. He nodded and told he used to go regularly by asking lift like this. On the way, he told me that his name is Ashwin, his father is a mechanic who works in a small shop and he,his mother and his two sisters live near railway station. He also mentioned that he has just started going to school and he went to market to buy some households as his little sister was not well and so his mother could not go out.
When we reached the destination after getting down he thanked me and with shining eyes he told me "You know,this is the first time I sat in a two wheelers, I was just lying that I used to go regularly I'll never forget you. I was very happy when sitting behind you.
Someday he may forget me, but I won't, ever.

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