My Arrange Marriage Story

So I met this guy (my husband) in February 2016 in a Matrimony website, As it all started with short listing his profile, since I liked his height (5.9 ft) and his muscular physique. Impressed by his appearance, I got connected to him and we started talking.
After deep conversations on various topics for few days, we felt a liking for each other and agreed with our respective families to proceed with the typical Hindu traditions. Hence, our families met up at my place. Though I met him for the first time, it felt like I know this soul for a long time. We got 15 minutes of privacy, where I was so nervous that I could barely speak anything.

Later, I’d text him about how I felt about him and to take things to the next level. He agreed, but his response didn’t look like he was much interested. I was also worried about one more thing; a secret that I thought that my spouse should know. But I was also worried about the fact that he may change his mind if I say this to him.

It was a rainy evening when we were walking in a garden after watching a movie. We were having conversations on random topics, when the secret again popped up in my head. After a deep breath, I revealed to him “ I have a gynecological problem and may not be able to become a mother in life.” And tears started running down my cheeks. He stood still for some seconds, then came closer, wiped my tears and asked me to look at the bright red rose that was blooming in the garden. He then said, “Do you see this rose? It’s the best one in the garden, but it is accompanied by thorns. And it is probable that it will get plucked before other roses since it’s the best one. You’re one such rose; bright, beautiful and with imperfections. Just like a rose without thorns is incomplete, a person without flaws is incomplete. No matter if you can’t be a mom, one day we’ll be the parents of world’s most honest and loyal babies.” This made me believe that he loves me more than I ever thought.

Today, we spend most of our leisure time with our babies – two army dogs, whom he and I decided to adopt 10 months ago. I’m proud to be his life-partner!

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