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Cheers to all the single and the one who is already mingled. We people always tried to seek for a good lover, don't we? U may have cried many times for that U miss someone so much. U might have broken heart for one whom U may not like; U might have regretted too for that reason. U may have missed those beautiful moments with someday. U may have tried to please someone to stay in relationship, and U may want to be  out of relationship as well. So dear, cheers that U all are in the puzzle called 'love'. A mysterious puzzle that U R finding the right way to get in and right way to get out. Shout out as Ya'll are being ruled by this puzzle; once you get in, so hard to get out. Oh my fellows, congrats that U bear all this time and have got so strong till the date.
My empathy for those girls who still carries themselves well despite such pain. My gratitude towards those boys accepting his girl in-spite of expecting some gain. To all boys who are trying to gain love of someone, trying to maintain the relation for life long,also being in relationship just for fun. Also to all girls who are convincing to make her boy stay after having sex, to girls who are stuck with the thoughts of ex-s, to the one who are depressed and also to the girls with those smiley face. I see all kinds of these people clinging on 'love' and I wonder how they have come across so far just to call themselves as a 'lover'.
So, all my friends, how could you call it love, when U're not sure of it? And why do you differentiate as 'true love' ? If it's love, then automatically it becomes true, don't U think so? Love!! Love!! Love!! Everywhere love though the  ongoing pain, ongoing relationships, and the ongoing care, ongoing hatred will always continue. Thanks to all about those facts that we are here bearing and still living fine.
#killeR Totally agreed 

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