The Back Benchers

Hi I'm from Don Bosco school doing my 11th. I just want to share one funny incident happened in my class.The teacher was teaching physics. No one was interested to listen her. Everyone was busy in their own work. The noise slowly started increasing. The teacher tolerated for sometime but soon lost her temper and shouted everybody. She gave us a 15 minutes lecture about how rowdy our class was and that we were good for nothing and she compared our class section with "B" Section. And finally she said that if anyone who is not interested can leave the class. Everyone was quiet. Suddenly a back bencher,obviosuly a guy, got up and started walking towards the door. The teacher looked at him in shock because this was not what she expected. But that boy went near the door, suddenly took a turn towards the switch board, switched on the fan and sat back at his place. 
The whole class started laughing along with the teacher.

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