I'm Lucky To Have Him

I was having a big crush towards him. He is like a Best friend to me even today.
We used to meet every weekend unless either of us are not in town. I used to wait for weekend so desperately because I can see n spend my day with him. I feel very happy when I am around him.
One day( Friday) I was not keeping well and had taken sick leave from office. I badly wanted to recover fast as following day was Saturday. Since I was staying in hostel and there was no one to take care of me, my fever got worsened but I didn't mention this to him because I know, his response will be 'take rest n we'll meet up some other day' so I kept quiet.
As usual he came to meet me but looking at my dull and sick face, he asked Are you still not well? Do you want to rest? Its OK, u takecare of your health. But my response obviously was 'I am all fine' just that my face looks like that.
But actually I was feeling very sick, weak and having abdominal pain.
We went out for a movie, I still remember it was 'Ok Kanmani'. I really don't know how did I manage to sit for 3 hrs in that AC theatre? And roamed around with him.
All I wanted was to be with HIM as I was feeling the feelings of love towards him.
Finally on our way back to home, I mentioned about my high fever and suffocation. He took me to the hospital and I was diagnosed with 'Typhoid'.
Spending time with him was more important than my health. I have done plenty of these stupid things but definitely not because of attraction, I was madly in love with HIM.
Its worth making such mad things because today I am happily married to HIM and have a most adorable baby too.
I am lucky to have HIM.

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