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At "2" you held my hand so that I won't fall
At "5" you were the first person to teach me English by writing every pronunciation in a note.
At "7" when I got bad marks in Maths you were the person who said I will get good marks in next test and you taught me.
At "10" when I first held a pen you were the one who taught me how to use it.
At "13" When I entered class 9 you were the person who told me to chill and to not stress much for studies.
At "14" you were there again for me to pass class 10 supporting me.
At "16" you were the person who dropped me in centre for my class 12 exam and dropped a tear of happiness.
At "17" When I chose to become a graphic designer you were again there supporting my choice.
At "19" When I started doing stupid things out of depression for not getting job you were the person who had faith on me more than anyone else and
At "20" today see I have a job and the reason is your support, your faith on me. 

Yeah we fight a lot, we argue over silly issues. I am blessed to have you who doesn't hesitates to talk about any topic, the reason that today my views are broader. We fight a lot but I still love hugging you while sleeping. I sometime out of anger spit words which I shouldn't but believe me in secrecy I regret about it a lot, I am sorry Amma. 
Love you ma!! Just stay by my side in every circumstance. 
Happy birthday my love!!!! 
#killeR Happy B'day ma

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