Old Memories

I have a car today but when I have to waste 1.5 hours in traffic everyday, I miss my bicycle and those beautiful, wide roads of campus.Today I'm earning more than i want but I have to work 12 hours a day doing things I don't give a shit about and I miss those days when I would study the courses I loved, did projects that interested me and bunked the classes I did not like.
Going to expensive lounges and restaurants does not give the satisfaction that drinking Rose milk and fighting for a samosa with friends that canteen could give.
Today I am rewarded for hard-work by money and promotions I don't even care about and I miss those days when simple things like solving a math problem and clearing all the arrear papers in the last semesters has been appreciated by my friends and I overheard few teenagers of my building discussing about newtons 3rd law, I skipped a heartbeat. I was reminded of my lost love - science.

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