My Beautiful Wife

I was on my way back from office, that day somehow I missed my office cab, so had to take up an Auto rickshaw. It was around 8pm, considering the safety issue, I was looking for share-autos(Auto rickshaws have been modified in India to carry more passengers and are called share-autos).
After a 15 minutes wait, an auto which is already carrying a bunch of people in it, slowed down seeing me standing .
Me: Brother. I want to go to Egmore
Driver: Turning his auto, he looked away without any word.
————-After 15 minutes————
Driver : Sorry madam, people sitting in my auto were drunk. I felt it would not be good you sitting with them so I dropped them and came back.
Me: Stepped into the auto skeptically.
Driver: Are you working ? Which company madam?
Me: Yes, Amazon.
Driver:Oh! I know Amazon madam, It is a shop and sells clothes,shoes and mobile chargers in computer ,right? My wife works here in a In fa sis
Me (smiling): Yes and what is In fa sis
Driver: Don’t you know In fa sis madam? It is a very big company, it is there in America also. Then, he opened a card from his pocket and showed me (In fa sis  = Infosys) and said she is a software design engineer.
*I was dumbfounded completely*
He continued with all that rosiness in his face, "Ours is a love marriage madam.She is the most beautiful lady I ever met".
Me (interrupted him and asked with much curiosity): How did you meet her?
Driver(grinning): My auto stand was near a college madam.I used to drive my auto, picking and dropping the students .She used to be one of those commuters. I used to try hard to look smart and wear colorful shirts to gain her attention(Laughing). She was then an intermediate student from a very good family. Believe me madam, she is very good and beautiful girl.
Then, a very heart breaking thing happened, her whole family met with a fatal accident and she was totally lost. After a very long fight to win her, we married to each other 5 years back.After that she is my world. I used to drive my auto in the mornings and taxi over nights, I used to stretch my capabilities to pay for her education. I’am unschooled madam,got education till 7th standard. I wanted my wife to study and have all those very big degrees.She has done Bachelors in Engineering.Now she is working with in fa sis
Showing her photo(she was wearing the office tag in that) he said ‘I am so proud of her’.
Me(wondering) : Then what is the need of still driving the auto?
Driver(smirking): I will stop this when my son grows up and feels ashamed of to introduce an auto driver as his dad to the world. My wife never gave a bad time for me being an auto driver.
After a 2 minute pause, he resumed ,
I have started a vehicle rental business, i own 6 Auto-rickshaws in the city. I pick one of my vehicles randomly and drive for the day. I always prefer to invest my money in a smart way and my brilliant wife is always there to set everything straight. We stay in  Anna Nagar (one of those rich communities in Chennai).
And then, my halt had come.
End of the story.

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