Everybody Needs A Friend

I used to see her every day. I don't know who she was. But she was never happy; she was never confident. We used to live in the same building and she took the same bus to work as me. I don't know what happened in her life that made her like this.
When she smiled, her eyes never sparkled. 
When she walked, she always looked back, as if she had forgotten something.
When she talked, there was no emotion in her voice.
One day, I was going to the office and I overheard two girls talking in the bus. They were both on the verge of tears. They were talking about one of their friends who had committed suicide recently because her boyfriend cheated on her. That hit me hard.
I needed to talk to her, my neighbour. I did not know if she was depressed or suicidal but I knew that I will always regret if I didn’t. I went back home and saw her in the lift. It took me a lot of courage to just say 'hi'. But you know, sometimes all it takes is a friend to make you feel better. Someone who will listen to you, for free. That day I did talk to her. And then, the next day. Hesitant at first, but she told me what had happened to her that made her like this. Soon enough we became friends and today, after two years, she is one of my closest friends. She is very much in love with herself and she is rocking her life. She brought the happiness back in her life herself and I am glad I could be there to make her realise that she deserved the best.
Look around. Do you see someone lonely? Do you see someone lost? Help them find their way back. Help them realise that there is no problem in this life that cannot be solved. Everybody needs a friend in this life. To say that 'I will be there for you'.
This Christmas, gift someone your attention. They might need it.

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