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Most beautiful love story I ever heard was that of my late Aunty. When she was in 11th standard, a guy used to love her madly. He used to follow her sometimes to her home. But never created a scene or tried to force her. Both lived in bangalore . When both of them completed school,he came to her house with a marriage proposal. But my Aunty's father rejected because he didn't have any degree and was not earning. He said that he will allow him to marry his daughter only when he is well settled in life.
After hearing this he prepared for CA and cleared all the exams in one go. He became CA at the age of 22. Then he contacted my Aunty and came to her house again with a marriage proposal. This time he got to know that Aunty is suffering from blood cancer and she is at her last stage. Only a short span of her life is left. But still he agreed to marry her knowing that she will die soon. Within months my aunt and that guy got married. And that marriage was not a small one, he married her with all the rituals and all the functions. It was a big fat wedding.
Unfortunately my aunt lived for only two years or less after her marriage :( . But those years were the best time of her life. She travelled entire Europe and America with him. He made her believe that fairy tales do exist. He gave every single thing she wanted and when she died, he became numb. He didn't move and talked for days and weeks. It took him a long time before he moved on in his life.Finally he adopted a kid from orphanage and he's studying in 3rd now, and he's next to me now writing his school homework :) 
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