My Love Story

We had been married for 2 years. I met my wife through my fathers' friend. Things clicked, and we got married. Had a good honeymoon, went to many places, talked a lot and tried to understand each other.
Afterwards, I had to leave my wife at her home since I was preparing for exams. We were clear that I may not be able to concentrate on my studies if we live together. So I life my wife in her home and i  came to chennai and started preparing for exams.
We used to talk almost an hour daily, which would shorten to a quarter when exams were close. Sometimes had a fight, sometimes missed each other. She comes to meet me in Chennai for 2-3 days every alternate month.
I couldn't clear my exams in 2 straight attempts. That was making me frustrated a bit. And despite my intention not to do so, this frustration would come out on my wife. I got annoyed at small things and would hang up the call. She would keep calling and I won't pick up.
Later, i would realize my mistake, but being a chauvinistic male, I had my reservations in apologizing to my wife. I would just pacify her and tell her that it was just the heat of moment, which made me fight with her. She would take some time, but eventually become normal.
Then, after exams were over, I went back to my hometown. One day we visited my in-laws house. We had lunch, talked in the afternoon, and started back in the evening.
After driving for about a mile, my wife suddenly asked me to stop at a small place. It was a temple. Usually, I don't like to stop while driving, except when forced to, but I didn't argue with her. We stopped. She asked me to come, but I am not particularly religious, so i asked her to go alone.
After a while, she came back for her purse for making some offering. She asked me for a 10 Rupee note as she did not have change. I looked into my purse, but i also was having larger denomination note. So, I asked her to just leave it. We will give it later. I again started driving.
Me-"Anything special about this one?"
Her-"No. Nothing really."
Me- "Usually you don't ask me to stop abruptly."
Her-"Yeah. i had wished for something."
Me-"At this small temple?"
Her-"Our college bus used to pass this place everyday.Do you remember?
Me-"yes i do remember.Ok. Fair enough. What was the wish?"
Her-"The day you came to see me, next day when our bus passed here while returning home from college, i had wished please get me married to this boy."
My heart skipped a beat. I was dumbstruck. I didn't know what to say. I was happy. I was elated. I was overjoyed. I was overwhelmed.
This girl wanted me so bad just after one meeting. Was i that good? I swear I understood that day that when they show people crying in movies when they hear some good news, it's not a lie. But being a chauvinist, I could not have tears in my eyes in front of my wife.
So, i slammed on brakes. Made a U-turn. Went to the temple.
This time, I went to the temple with her. We gave a 1000 rupee note. There were 3 beggars outside. I gave 100 rupee each. That is all I was carrying that day.
Since then, I have redoubled my efforts in my studies. We have fought a couple of times maybe, but I never hang up and I never miss her calls.
She has never asked me anything about that day. But I think she understood. More importantly, I understood how much I loved her.

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