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I graduated from one of the top colleges in Bangalore in 1997. Found my first love in Bangalore. We dated for three years. Then she had to leave the city because of some family problems. Without a choice, we broke up.Fast forward to the year 2000. I was driving from my office to my room.Was really hungry after having a long day at work.  So I parked my car near my college where i was graduated from and i ordered a dosa. While the guy was making a dosa for me, I was just staring at the college building. So many memories, so many awesome memories! Life was so much better. You didn't have to give a shit about anything going wrong in life. Anyways, while I am lost in my past on the dimly lit street, trying to escape my pathetic present, someone taps on my shoulder. Who could it be? The dosa guy? NO! Guess what? It was my FIRST LOVE! She was right there! I could not believe my eyes. I just wanted to kiss her right there! She came back to the city a year ago and was doing her Masters in the same college, What an unbelievable coincidence! You unexpectedly meet your long lost love right where it all started!! We had two dosas that night. She was staying at her aunt's place and we exchanged our landline numbers. Got married in 2004 and today we are raising two beautiful kids. Gotta make sure they go to the same college, right?
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