My Very First Kiss

I experienced my first kiss today... Gosh!!

It was such a beautiful feeling. I and my gf (she is my neighbor too) were sitting on our terrace, actually there is only a wall between our houses!! So we preferably sit on that wall. It was around 9 pm, wind was blowing n full moon on sky.Everything was so romantic.She always keeps on talking while holding my hand and i always listen to her silently and today i kept on looking at her continuously.she asked "Enna da apdi pakura?" I just said "you're the most beautiful girll i have ever seen" she blushed and said "Podhum da dei". We were so close to each other at that time that we were able to feel each other’s breath easily.I hesitantly asked her "can i kiss u..??" She nodded her head in agreement,.But the wind was making her silky hairs came all over her face.I removed those from her face n she closed her eyes!! Wow.she was looking like an angel in the  moonlight!! I came closer to her n we started kiss each other..!! It was so passionate that we kept on smooching for 15 mins or so.I just love her so much.I guess first kiss from your first love is so special that it cannot be described in words even though i tried doing so.

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