Love Changes Man

"To be frank, girls had never mattered to me."I was a genuine student during school. Class topper, School topper, District topper, records and achievements alongside. My parents had a lot of expectations from me. I knew my responsibilities towards my family, I had to justify the faith that teachers had put on me, I knew my priorities. This is not to my praise. It is the justification to the statement I made in between those commas indeed.It was the last day of exams before vacation. Hostel warden distributed all our cell phones before you we go to bed. We were not in mood to sleep. It was the last day in hostel before vacation and we wanted to make the night a memorable one. I switched on my cell phone, put it into charge and logged into Facebook. Rabin, one of my friend had talked to me about a girl, junior to us. He told that she liked me and how hard she tried to get my user name. Yes I love to be surrounded by ladies but I always preferred flirtationship to relationship. When someone said "I love you", I was like; Love me ? So what ? I never wanted love affairs.
Few new friend requests and few notifications. Both lists beginning with her name. Within few minutes I received a text and yes it was her.
She : Hi
Me : Hello
She : Can I ask you for something ?
I think I knew what she was going to ask for.
Yes, I replied
Your number, she said.
I gave her the number but warned not to call. She agreed.
I didnt want to continue. I simply logged out and went upstairs. Within an hour I climbed down. It was about 12 A.M around the clock. She was still online.
I texted, "Hey, still awake? "
She replied," yes, was waiting for your message". It touched me nowhere. I simply left my phone on the table and went to sleep. Everyone didnt have phone inside hostel. One of my friend took my phone. Boys hostel-where we used to share even socks and toothbrush, sharing facebook was nothing indifferent. That night he might have found my facebook more intresting, he preferred to use my facebook. The girl continued to text me, and my friend continued to reply on my behalf.
He asked her number, talked to her and even exchanged "LOVE YOU" and "LOVE YOU TOOs". The night call was cheap but her feelings were priceless. He was just passing his time but the girl might have begun to dream about us and I know the dreams didnt let her sleep so early.
The next morning, I was congratulated for making a girlfriend, I knew nothing about ! I was literally shocked to know whatever had happened. I had no idea how to react on that. If I had called her and told that she had been fooled all night she would have been broken, broken so badly and I would be blamed for everything. And If I wouldn't tell it would get even worse. I went deep in thoughts. Though I didnt know her but I knew she loved me. I felt sorry for her. I wanted to tell her everything but how could I hurt someone who loved me ?
The only way not to hurt her was to go with the flow. Let her know nothing. But I hadn't seen her properly, neither had seen a single proper photo of her. Hadn't heard her voice. How could I accept her love and fall for her ?
I left for home. But she was the only thing in my mind all the way to home.
In the evening she texted-I LOVE YOU. But I was not getting proper words in her reply. I was willing to say something else that could make my heart better and her mind clear about everthing that was going on since last night. I called her ;
She - Hello
Me -  Hello
She -  Hey am your GF ryt,talk something.
I replied, "Actually I'm sorry, it was my friend....... ." n I told her everything.
The call was disconnected in between. Everything ended with the call.
The vacation ended. I Returned to college. I used to see her. Her eyes reflected innocence. She used to wave Good Morning and Good bye with a smile in her face and the same innocence. I felt myself guilty for everything. Only she knew how long she cried, Only she knew how much it pained. She might have forgotten everything but whenever I saw her smiling face I used to blame myself, feel sorry and lament. If I had no feelings for her why would I feel sorry, why would I care. I realised I was already into her. Deep inside I found feelings for her, I didnt know what was that but it was something new, alive and special. Perhaps, it was the absolute feeling that people named as LOVE.
After some days, I sent her my number and asked to call me at 8 o'clock. She called.
I asked if she was single. She was.
I proposed her.
What ? She answered.
I repeated and she kept on asking me to repeat.
Finally she answered. I LOVE YOU TOO.
She loves me. I love her. We love to love each other. It has been one year since then. Yes, we go through quarrels, disputes, misunderstandings but at the end everything gets okay. Afterall she is my Queen and I am her King, HAPPY TOGETHER !
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