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I am a 26 year old guy working in an MNC. Recently my parents started do discuss about my marriage. My parents asked me to create a profile on Matrimonial sites. I created a profile just for my parents sake & didn't show much interest during the initial stage. Few days before my mom asked whether did I receive any profile interest or acceptance from the site. To be honest I have logged in only few times. Few bride's have visited my profile & few acceptance too. Believe me only few. During last weekend I saw the expectations of many profiles. That made me to create this confession with sema Gaandu 
1. Salary (10Lakh to 12 Lakh PA) - I earn just half of their expectation. I guess only Senior Manager & above would get these salary. For that at least I should have 10 yrs experience. So by that time I would be 32+.
2. Family - Groom should not have more than 1 sibling. Sister irruntha sollave venam.. I should be an orphan for this expectation.
3. Words About Partner - He should be self confident. Active & Smart. He should not depend on anyone. He should take care of himself without expecting me..
Apparam enna m*****ku unna kalyanam pannanum..
4. Educational Qualification - Engineering is preferred. 
Above said expecatations are from most of the profile. So my points from my side..

1. Is this really your expectations or your parents ? - If its yours,then sathiyama ungaluku kalyanam nadakathu. If its your parents then your dad would have earned money in a wrong way. Because parents who earned money honestly would know the pain of earning a hundred rupee. It doesn't mean that we easily earn money being an IT guy. We are the one who faces the mental pressure than any one.
2. Salary - I changed my salary from INR to Pounds. I added one zero to the annual Salary. And changed that i work in UK. Adengappa !!! Enna oru response from the girls. Close to 100 acceptance in a week. Appo India la 40K to 50K earn pannravan ellam marriage pannika koodatha ??? Direct ah UK thaan venuma ???
2. Engineering ah soru podum ? Non Engineer & Engineer will earn same salary irrespective of their designation. Only during the initial stages their salary will vary. Otherwise ellarum ore kuttaila ooruna matta thaan. If you are working as Engineer then your expectation is right for seeking an engineer as your partner. Otherwise its completely illogic.
3. Few girls will surely comment regarding i would have asked for dowry, car & etc. So there is no harm expecting these from a guy. For those thai kulams, I wont get dowry or anything. I have achieved all my dreams by myself. Because we are middle class family. My dad have struggled to make us to this situation. So i hate getting things easily & I know the value of money. If you still doubt me, kadavul thaan kappathanum..
I want to thank the girls whose expectation were very very decent & acceptable. I wish you a great life ahead. Podhum endra maname pon seiyum marunthu.
Rest of the girls with the above expectations - Virgin pasanga saabam ungalaya summa vidathu.
#killeR  Ipo adhellam enga kekuranga? idhuku munadi ethana girl friends vachirundha nu dhan kekuranga :/

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