My Dear Girls

When I was 21, I was in love with a girl. Her family knew about it and convinced her to leave me just because i'm poor and i don't earn much.Her mom told that she will not be happy with me.Then she came to me and told everything what he mom told and she left me and got married to someone a year later
After that, I started thinking about possibilities of earning money ( Lets say future in terms of her parents). I started a small venture and dedicated myself for its development. I have my mom who has always supported me in my business.It has been 6 Years that She left me for her future today I own property more than her husband and have bought a bigger house in their locality with my Name Plate in the Gate.Now she used to cross that bigger home everyday with her mom. 
Dear Girls, understand, Your loved one may be poor today, but If trust me, he will buy you the entire world one day. Don't leave your Love for so called future.

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