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I recently met a girl through one matrimony site. We had seen each other's profile on the website and chatted a bit through whatsapp. When we met in person, we discussed a lot of things. We found that we had a lot of common interests. Our education and professions are also quite similar. First meeting went quite good.
We met one more time. She knew the range of my salary beforehand, she asked the exact figure in second meeting. I told her and she told her salary too. I earn about 20% less than her. When she knew my salary she was visibly disappointed but did not say much about it and conversation went smoothly. Though I had a hunch that she will reject me due to the salary difference and will find a guy who earns more than her.
Then suddenly out of nowhere she started talking about the equality and gender roles, which I patiently listened to. She also said a few things about equal responsibility for husband-wife, changing role of women in society etc. I felt she is saying things she has read in an article, those are not her own views.
At that point, I asked her what she expects from her husband in terms of material possessions. She said-an own big individual villa  or at least 3/4 BHK flat in up market location, a car, a very good job, all necessary home appliances like A.C., refrigerator etc and good savings.
Then I proposed her a scheme: I own a 3 BHK house in a good locality, it is in my own name and not my parent's name. I can sell it now. Let us say I get Rs 50 Lacs from it. You contribute the same amount and we can buy a new villa in our name . I also have some savings. I can contribute about 4-5 lacs, you contribute the same. We can buy a good car. I already have home appliances which we can use at our new home or we can buy new ones also. We both are earning good, so we can do joint financial planning and secure our future too. I find our future very promising.
She did not like the scheme, which was expected. She said that it is the guy's responsibility to give all the material comforts to his wife. I then reminded her about all her views on equal responsibilities for husband-wife etc. She bluntly said - "Those views are applicable after we get married". But to get married to me, the guy must have all those things I mentioned otherwise I will not marry him. Needless to say, we did not meet or talk after that. I resisted my temptation to ask her to split the bill.
This, in my opinion, is the real issue. It is not bad to expect something and nothing is too much or too less. But the women are not ready to contribute towards the future that they dream for. They want the guy to have everything they want in their life.
And then they talk about feminism and equality. I find it totally hypocritical. If you are one of those independent, 21st century women; why not take the 50% responsibility of your own future. Your husband can contribute the rest. But that does not happen.
The feminists talk about equality only when it is about women's rights. Nobody talks about their responsibilities. In earlier times too, the man was supposed to earn for the family. Today, since the women are educated and earning too; the men is supposed to earn even more. The women's earning haven't really replaced men's earnings. They are merely an add-on. No matter whether the women earn or not, men must earn and provide all the comforts to the family. And I don't see the situation changing any time soon.
Before you judge, let me tell you that I am not forming my opinion based only on one experience. This is one experience which I found suitable to share here. My opinion is based on my interaction with many other prospective girls as well as my friends.

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