I'm Just Me

Yeah girls laugh at me and my dressing sense,they act as if they have seen an alien while looking at me.They judge me by my appearance but can't even have a hunch about what's going in my mind and my heart.They don't know that I am broke,they don't know that I don't lend money from my parents for good clothes and fashionable accessories. I have been through very hard moments in my life,I didn't live a normal life,I have struggled and I am struggling a lot till now.What I earn,I spend it much for my sister,I don't want her to live a life full of struggle like I did.I want her to be happy.I don't blame my parents for this because I know they are doing their best.I love my family and I don't care who judges me for all the sacrifices I am doing.
And please guys and girls ,please stop judging peoples by their appearance because everybody has a story that you know nothing about.

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