The TTR I Met Last Year

It happened during my stay in kerala.
After finishing my office,I was having tea near Ernakulam railway station.Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder.I turned back and saw a boy standing in front of me.He told me that he is from Goa.He came here for job,but the contractor under whom he was working,had dumped him without paying a penny.Now he is being stranded in Kochi from 3 days.He needs to return to Goa as he is not able to contact his mom who is sick and she must be worried.He asked me if I could give him some money so that he can return home.
Initially I thought him as a drug addict who is making stories to get some money but then something told me may be he is right and I should help him.If he will cheat me karma will follow instead of giving him money,I went to railway station and bought a ticket to Goa and food for him. As train was about to depart in 20 min I decided to make him board the train.After boarding I gave him my number and told him to call me once he reach Goa.Next day morning I Got a call from him.He told me he has reached Goa and thanked me.
Now comes the best part.Three months after this some of us planned to go to Goa for holiday. It was a great trip and we enjoyed a lot.But as it happens every trip has its adventures,we lost our train tickets.we had to return anyhow.I was trying to get duplicate ticket but without PNR it was getting tough to get duplicate tickets.suddenly out of nowhere I again got a tap on my shoulder.As I turned back..BAM.!!!! I saw the same guy standing in front me smiling at railway station.I asked him"now who have dumped you in Goa?" He said " no sir nobody dumped me,now I work here in Cloak room"He asked me what I am doing here in Goa.I told him everything.He smiled and said "Sir please come with me, now it's my turn to send you back to your home" He knew the chart room guy. He went there and found out our PNR.After that he went to TTR and got our duplicate ticket made.He came back and handed over the ticket.I didn't have words to thank him but he simply said
" Sir its nothing to what you have done that just didn't send me home,you sent a son home."
"Sometimes we should think from our heart instead of our mind"
its what I have learnt from being nice to someone.

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