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"I married late, at 33 years. Not my fault, but I am just another female with parents who believe in horoscope - they say sevvai dosham and social rules. Well, I don't regret that. All those years I felt bad when every girl around me was getting married - not that I am jealous, but I just was fed up of the social pressure. Neeyum kalyanam panniko was a common advice! Every time someone asks "eppo kalyanam" creates ripples of pain to me. Finally i am married. Now people asks when is the good news. There has always been curious people around us. And again i am in trouble now, i am under medical condition. Please do not advice - you should stand up and lash at those people, you are the first person to change. Be practical - you cannot lash at everybody!
When you ask somebody "eppo kalyanam", "eppo good news" - you may not really know what the person is going through or the pain they go through! May be the person is going through something which they cannot or dont want to share with you! I am not here to blame anyone, but at least I have stopped asking people for name sake!
When you want to strike a harmless conversation - there are zillions of topic under the sun, but can we avoid asking this? At the least this question might not really help the person we are talking to. Just my opinion. "
#killeR  Reltaive - Apram Thambi kalyanam eppo?
             Me        - Panitu solren 
             *Relative stopped asking this after this incident*

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