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Yesterday, i went to the icici bank atm and there were only Rs. 2000 denominations and i was frustrated as i didn't have any Rs.100 note in my wallet, my mom was in severe fever n i was unable to go buy medicines for my mom since medical shops are not accepting 2000rs note. i was fucked up n don't know what to do . So i went inside bank and stated my problem. One of the girl who was an employee there said Sir cash allocations has been over for the day please come back on monday. I again insisted her that i want money as its been 2 days i am standing in a queue, but could not successfully withdraw the money and my mom is suffering from fever i couldn't buy medicines too. At this time, she immediately checked her purse n gave me Rs.2000 in Rs. 100 denominations. I could analyze that she had withdrawn that money for her family but still she helped me. Thanks a lot Mam for your kindness and a great gesture to humanity. Respect
#killeR Good one :D 

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