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Yesterday was my gf's b'day.And she invited some of our mutual friends for dinner at her home. That was the first time I have been to her home. She was busy along with her roommates in preparing dishes. Out of curiosity as to how girls keep their clothes and accessories arranged I opened her wardrobe.It was well maintained(expected). Then I found a diary(personal of course). Without her permission, I took it and hid it inside my bag. The party went well and we returned to our respective rooms.As soon as I reached my room I quickly opened it and started reading. She had written each and everything about choice for food,which all places we have traveled.when all I took my frustration upon her. etc etc.One thing touched my heart where she mentioned in most of the places that whenever we used to travel somewhere and visit temples.she used to ask God to make me as her husband. I was in tears. I never thought that a girl in today's era could love a person like me who used to take all my frustrations because of work load upon her. Whereas all she wanted me as her husband. I wish I could love her the way she loves me. Atleast I will make an effort to bring a smile on her face daily.
#killeR Everything went well according to her plan correctly :v lol

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