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I'm here with painful heart. I'm studying 12th std.Living in Pondicherry.I was in ta relationship with a girl of 10th std for past 2 years.she's my school junior. By this year march, she broke up with me. The Reason behind the break up is, one of my best friends said something wrong about me to her.In my life, I faced betrayal, breakup and much more. At this small age, I'm undergoing depression for the past 7 months. I tried to commit suicide  2 times and by my class teacher I have been saved.Then my parents and teachers asked me to go psychological counseling and nearly I have spent 40k just for some red capsules. Finally, i  found that doctor is fake and again I went into depression because of this problem.My parents, friends and my school teachers consoled me that I was okay for past 1 month but for the past 2 days again I'm undergoing into depression nd I was in decision of quiting my life.Then I think about my parents who's living now only fo me. Now I'm thinking to start new and fresh life from now on. I don't know whether this decision is correct or wrong .I couldn't concentrate on my studies I'm feeling soo weak .Please guide me guys.I really need your help.
#killeR  If a girl rejects you, Go Home! Relax and try to become her friend on Facebook.But Don't chat. Improve your skills become famous.Make sure she becomes your fan and then when she pings you! just reply " I have a girlfriend " and just block her! Convert the Pain into Motivation.

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