Scene At My Classroom

I was sitting on desk with my friends and flirting with girls of other classes and taking sip of cold rink. As it was teacher day celebration in school (September 5). I was most popular guy in school because I was always surround by group of girls. And I had played guitar once. Everyone of our class were busy in decoration and distributing snacks some of them were taking photos. Some boys were on bunk. I used to talk with every girl in my class except one. Because she hates me. She hates my behavior, My flirting style,when i comment on girls (not vulgar) she was the topper of our class. And she was less talkative. I always tries to tease her, blocked her ways while she was passing just to get attention.My these activities increased to hate me more.On that day, I went to her to tease her. She was busy in decoration. I offered her a glass of coke. She denied without looking towards me. I started forcing her.She got angry and pick glass from my hand and threw the coke on my face. I was shocked.I didn't tell anything. i was just starring at her for a while. Everyone was starring us. She shouted.I went from there. And then i never talked to her she even told me sorry. After few months I got to know my friend likes her. I again started teasing her by his name. And this news started spreading everywhere. 
One day i went in her colony with my friend. We were standing near her home. She saw us.That night when i access facebook i received messages from her. She was shouting there too! Don't know why but that day I told her sorry. She said what?. I said yes i m sorry. She said ok. Actually I felt embarrassed because I tortured her. I was doing just for my fun but It was wrong as I realized and said sorry! And I promised her no one would tease you in school hereafter.And then Our chat begins.We chatted alot. And then became friends but she still doubt me sometimes. As she hates me before.And don't know when we turned to best friend's from facebook to phone calls. We talk for hours and late night chats. And then this friensdhip changed into love and on 14 Nov She proposed me on Facebook. First time i felt shy talking with a girl.I was very happy . And then the most rated enemies converted into most rated cute couples.And now we're in relationship for  6 years and getting marry on 7th relationship anniversary 14 nov 2017.

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