Scripted Story

An open letter to the man who has always given me more than I have ever wished for.

Dear Dad,

Thank You.
Thank You for putting up with all the times I was hard to bear with as a kid, when you were still patient and kind, even with all of my tantrums and never-ending list of wishes.

Thank You for never complaining about waking up at 5 to drop me to school for my practices every day, for saving me from Mom’s wrath every time I did something stupid, for all the piggy back rides that you gave me, and for every ice-cream, every chocolate that you got me only to make me happy, even in the middle of the night, when I was very upset.

You’ve always let me take the stage while you were lying in the sidelines and the shadows, only to make sure that I shine, and shine brighter every time than the last.

There are a thousand things that I should thank you for, like a loving home to live in or for all the hours you put in, working hard, only so we can be happy, but if I begin now, this letter would never end. But more than that, I want to apologize.
I apologise for being a crazy, stubborn teenager, who took reckless decisions, and ended up being hurt which only caused you to hurt, as well.
I apologise for all the times I wouldn’t tell you about my problems, which only made you feel less important, but honestly, I was only trying to not unload my problems on you, never realising how you felt like less of a father whenever I did that.
There are times we don’t get each other, and I am sorry for all the times I have been rude and immature and have said things I didn’t mean.

You’ve watched me succeed and you’ve watched me fail. You’ve gloried in my triumphs and you’ve cried when you’ve seen me cry. But most of all, you’ve always, always been there.

Every little girl grows up looking up to her dad, and well, I have still not stopped. You’ve never called me your “princess”, maybe because you didn’t want it to get to my head or maybe because you’re way too realistic, but have never treated me lesser than one.

You’re the first guy I’ve loved and that part of my being will always belong to you. Nobody can take that way. And maybe it is too much to ask for, too much to wish for, but if ever I fall in love, I hope to fall in love with a guy exactly like you.

Yours Truly,
A daughter who wishes she had better words to express her love for you.


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