Do Not Judge Easily

This happened when I was in 10th standard.
There was this guy in my class who was extremely mischievous and didn't interact much as well. He didn't have a good reputation and hence I too never spoke to him.
Once during the English period, the teacher (also our class teacher) noticed that the top two buttons of his shirt were missing. Dismissing it as one of his amusing behaviour, she thought that he had done it on purpose and scolded him a lot.
The next day, the boy came in with the same shirt. The buttons were still not stitched back on. Nevertheless, the teacher got angry and questioned him as to why his shirt wasn't fixed. To everyone's shock, the boy who had smart ass replies for everything, just hung his head low and didn't say a word. Our teacher didn't say anything further.

Next day, the first period was English. After the daily attendance, instead of starting with the lessons, the teacher came over to that boy (no points for guessing whether the shirt was amended or not!). We saw that in her hand was a needle,buttons and some thread. She smiled at him and started stitching his shirt.
And I tell you, the expression on that boy's face was priceless!

Later I came to know that he didn't have any parents. They had died in a car crash years ago and he lived with his grandparents. So I guess he had problems at home or something.
My teacher could've shouted at him, given him a bad remark, maybe reported him to the principal. But she didn't. She had just given him an understanding smile while stitching his shirt. Maybe he found a mother figure in our teacher.

That day I learned the lesson, Not to be Judgemental.

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