Why Girls expect boys to propose first?

Most of the girls expect boys to propose first.But have anyone of us thought why girls generally don’t propose boys first.On talking to different girls here are some of the most interesting reasons given by them.

Girls like to feel special.
Girls always want that the boy who loves him should make her feel special by telling her what he thinks about her.
Shy nature of girls
As girls are quiet shy in expressing their feeling and boys are supposed to be very expressive and extroverts, so it becomes unusual if a girl proposes a boy. Besides girls feel that it is a universal fact that girls should propose first.
Wait for Prince charming
A Girl always dreams that a handsome prince charming type boy will come and will take her away. And this expectation always makes them wait for that boy to come and propose her.
Fear of rejection
Girls generally don’t like being rejected.It becomes quite difficult for them if a boy rejects them because then they think that they are not beautiful.
Shows the boldness of boy
Girls always want that the boy should be bold enough or should have guts to come forward and speak his heart out.
Tradition and culture
In a country like India where women are most respected from ancient time, it has been a man’s prerogative to ask the permission of woman for his acceptance. So this tradition has been carried forward. Due to orthodox mentality, girls feel that if they take the first step they will be treated as characterless.
Looks so desperate
If a girl proposes a boy then this gives society thinks that the girl is quite desperate and can be easily approached.
Naturally hardwired
Biologically its male who compete among themselves for female be it human’s, Tigers or Sea Lions or Hornbills any other species So there is a huge competition universally and ultimately it is the girl who chooses the best partner among males. So if a boy doesn’t  ask first he loses his chance and another boy can grab that opportunity.
Girls want that the boy should love her more than she loves him. This makes the girl wait for the boy to come forward and propose him if he truly loves him.
Matter of prestige
Girls think it is a matter of honor and prestige if a boy comes and ask her for her hand.It also becomes easy to blame the boys if things don’t  work out between them.
Change is in the air
However, things are rapidly changing. Some of the modern day girls say that they have no idea why boys propose first to girls. “I honestly don’t think that any ‘gender’ has sole rights over the initiation of a relationship” says a young 22 year old. “If you are interested in someone, just go ahead and ask them out. You have nothing to lose, really”.

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