Do Really a Long Distance Relationship Works ?

Female - Chennai
I heard , i learned , i saw and now i am experiencing a relationship called ' a long distance relationship '
Its strange but I never knew i would fall for a person i have never met in my life. I don't know how should i elaborate this feeling .
I met him on Facebook and a simple 'hi' just changed my life in such a beautiful way .( how that goosebumps and butterflies used to kick my stomach )  We talk , we Skype , we flirt and more over we act like a family member . He thinks I'm still a kid but he doesn't know the combo of maturity and childishness plays a crucial role in a relationship .  In many ways and in many things i venerate him a lot .
I don't know about my future , whether he will be there or not but a urge of making you mine will always poke me and will be .
I am scared of the consequences of the relationship every people  is going through with a bad deeds . I don't know if i will be able to make you mine or someone will make you (how can i even think ) but one thing is sure that you're the first person that ever crossed my way this beautifully and your always safe inside me .
I will happily do whatever i can to make this relationship a strong one .
Guys do really a long distance relationship works ?

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