From Orphanage to MBBS

Female - Bangalore

My life was destroyed by a step-mother, how can somebody be so cruel, lighthearted? She used to love a dog more than me, sometimes I used to get jealous by that dog. What was my mistake, what did I do wrong?? I know that feeling of being unloved, I also used to do each and everything, making meal, washing dishes, washing clothes, each and everything. I used to make the meal but I used to be the last to eat that food. Sometimes, there used to me no food. I slept with an empty stomach many times. I used to cry a lot. When I remember those days, it makes me sad. I was scolded even after doing the work properly. She used to act as she loves me most in front of her relatives. I was quite because I just wanted to feel the love of my so-called step mother, which was the biggest mistake of my life. And for my dad I only have a word “Coward" I don't want to call him as my Dad.

Despite of what happened at home, I was good in college. I had a bf, who used to love me so much, he used to love me more than myself. As other people's dream, I also had a dream to be a doctor. I told my so-called mother that I want to study MBBS, but she scolded "Has your dead mother given me money to cover your MBBS course fees" then I was quiet. Few months later she told me, I can study MBBS, I can join the course in Bangalore. I was so happy, that my dream was so near. I was so happy that I was giving entrance exams and that time I was just 18 finished my 12th.
I only remember going to bangalore then I don't know anything. I woke up in a dark room and after few minutes, I got to know I was going to be a prostitute. I tried so hard not to be a prostitute, I was locked in room, without food and water. I was locked in a toilet, I was made half naked in front of people, they used to touch me, touch my body parts, speak bad words. I was also given an electric shock. They used to beat me, poured hot oil in my legs, they pulled my hair, prick my body with nails. Its only by that bitch (step mother), and I cannot forget that, not a single moment, how she ruined my life. I used to do each and every thing, I was like 24 hrs. around her, then why? why did she did it to me? what was my mistake??? I only wanted to be loved, but in return what she gave me???
I was there for about 1 and half year, and I was thrown out because I was suffered from HIV. Later,a man brought me and other 10 girls from that hell. Then I tried to commit suicide for 3 times, but god wanted me to live my life. And I also want to thank all the member, who supported me and gave me a strength. And my bf was there searching for me. I still remember he used to love me so much. My life was destroyed by that bitch but I didn't want to destroy his, so it was not so useful. But I had loved him so very much. I had a dream to spend my life with him.
That so-called mother had said everyone that I ran with a guy of low caste to save her and lastly, she was arrested by police, and now few days ago, I heard she is suffering from cancer. That was the happiest moment in my life.
Then i was in orphanage for about 3 years, actually people there gave me a new life. They sent me Japan to study MBBS, I completed my course, I started my course at 23 and completed at 28. Then I studied hard and finished my M.D at the age of 32. I completed my course PhD at the 35.
Now, here I am. I work in hospital, I am a professor of Psychopathology. I teach in different colleges in bangalore I have a good life, and every month I give my 90% salary to that orphanage
All I wanted was to say Never Give Up, Chase you Dreams. 
That's All.

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