One Night In My Boyfriend Home

My boyfriend lives in a old plantation home on a huge farm. The place has a weird vibe to it. None of the animals will come upstairs (if you bring them up, they start shaking and dart back downstairs). My boyfriend won’t even go in one of the bedrooms. Slave shackles are still hanging up in the basement.
The place has apparently been pretty dormant as far as paranormal activity goes for the past year. I’ve had a couple odd experiences. My boyfriend says that it always gets more active around the holidays though.
In November, right before thanksgiving I was staying the night with him. I was about to fall asleep and I heard something outside. At first I thought it was a dog that roam around the back of the farm but I heard it again a few seconds after the first time and it was definitely not a dog . I immediately woke up and was aware of my surroundings and I heard it again. It was a woman outside calling for Arun. She sounded so panicked and distressed. I heard her call a few more times and I could hear the voice moving around the yard. I was creeped out but I cuddled up to my boyfriend and went back to bed and told my boyfriend about it in the morning. He said that was a new one.
Fast forward to exactly a month from my experience, I wake up and the first thing out of my boyfriend’s mouth is “Remember a couple weeks ago, you heard a woman outside calling for someone? What name was it?”
“I heard it last night.”
I set a reminder of my phone for the next month but nothing happened. Really eerie. I’ve been trying to find out the history of the house to find out if a Arun lived there

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