The Chocolate Day

I live in Chennai and my girlfriend (now ex) is in Bangalore. We had a fight and we stopped talking for over a month. To console her, I flew to Bangalore and traveled to her hometown. After 3 hours 4 min of flight journey, I had to travel in a local bus for 4 hours to reach her place with all my luggage. I called her from the bus to let her know that I'm on my way. She refused to meet me. So, I had to travel back dejected.

On my way back, a group of 40+ year old locals sat besides me. One among them struck a conversation with me asking if I was coming to chennai. I replied that I traveled all the way from the Bangalore to meet someone but I couldn't. Later, I asked him if he had kids and he replied, "Two girls". I opened my bag to give him a box of chocolates to give to his kids. Few others in the group started fighting with him to share the chocolates. I couldn't resist and distributed all my chocolates to them. You should've seen the happiness in their faces. I would have never felt good even if I had given those chocolates to my girlfriend.  I know it's not a big deal but it's something that makes me feel good every time I think about that night.

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