The Dirty Secret

Female - Bangalore

I wish I didn't have to anonymous but I kinda do. Sorry.

None of my friends know this, only my mother and father.
I was sexually abused by two guys when I was around 12 years old. They took me to an house and did it.
Anyway couple of days later pointed those two guys out to my father and told him what happened, I'd like to point out here that due to my age I really hadn't grasped what had happened to me, I just told him like it was any other story.
Anyway, to go the point. Years later I asked my mother what happened to the guys, and in not so many words my mother told me my father killed them.
This didn't happen in a first world country, and police most if not all the time turn a blind eye to this kind of crimes, no one reported any crime and my father was never caught.
So that's something that apart from my parents no one knows, I mean absolutely no one. Not because I am ashamed of what my father did, hell no, those two deserved to die, my father probably saved other children from getting abused so he did a favour to many children.

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