A Bigger Journey of Mine

I remember getting Rs. 15 per day as pocket money when I was in grade class 8 and 9. My school was in a village. Every day my routine was to start from home at 8 am in the morning and reach back home at around 6 pm. I used to walk 15 mins from home to bus stand, then 20-25mins bus travel, then 20 mins walk to school.
Rs 10 was for lunch and Rs 5 was bus fare. So the problem has i had 10 rs to eat for the whole day. During the lunch break, when I go to the canteen, every dishes half plate cost Rs. 5 and full plate Rs 10. I always wanted to eat full plate but if  I spent Rs 10 for afternoon lunch, I would be hungry as hell by the time I reach home at 6.30 pm. So I used to eat half stomach during the lunch break in the canteen, and with remaining 5 rs at evening while returning back home. Obviously, I used to eat half plate momo for  Rs 5 while returning back home.

All life was good, until I found a new hotel, where I ate once half plate momo wich cost rs. 6. This momo was so much better than that previous one of rs. 5; I wanted to eat momo in this new hotel every day. The problem was I had only 10 or 9 rupees. Since student card thing had been just kind of introduced at those times, the normal bus fare from my home to bus stand was 5 rupee, and for student some conductors took 2 rupee and some 3 rupee. Now if I had to pay 3 rupee both while coming and returning back then I could eat half plate either only in lunch or at evening. So when 2 rupee was taken by conductor for both ways, then I could afford to eat that tasty momo the next day, I still remember those conductors who took only 2 rupee fare from me were my gods.
I just wanted to give you guys a background what journey I must have come across to reach at today's position. Today i have computer engineer degree from a top university, masters degree from another top university- US and a job as a software developer in a big company in Germany.
So just don't get demotivated guys. Just keep on moving no matter what, there will be hundreds of ups and downs, and this is just the beginning of even a bigger journey of mine 

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