A Teenage Girl Story

This might hurt sentiments of many young people but that's what bitter truth is (for me too).

Being a girl in Tamil culture is really too hard when you are grown up. Wherever you go people start asking you About your marriage first rather than your career and dreams. No one ever ask 'What is your ambition' People ask who you want to get married to ? If you havent heard that then you are lucky enough.

I am the same girl who confessed my confession few years back about my marriage proposal with a Doctor. I was 19 years old then , went through frustration and then depression that time but finally i was able to reject that proposal and got even more stronger. I do not regret at all  because i was too young to get married that time and i think i still am too young too get married.

But you know these relatives wont let you live in peace , Pressures of marraige from everywhere specially when you have completed your bachelors degree. I know this is a problem of  majority of girls in India . We do talk about women rights , write blogs , create videos too but when its about us we cant take a step ahead. same is the situation with me too . I need to get married however.

I have so many dreams that i want to turn in reality but i have a fear 'if i get married now  I can neither live my life in my way nor achieve my dreams . Few months later i will be mother of his child too. Will be stucked  in responsibility. That would obviously make me happy I guess , but how about my dreams? I've seen many nepali young girls of my age gone through this stage i can imagine mine too in this male dominated society. That's the bitter truth and very scary one may be because of age.

Trust me, we girls aren't allowed to go abroad alone , Families will only consider us to go if we get married and go. Societies talks on one side , dreams on other side and what we poor young super energetic minds are supposed to do now ? At this point in life i see only one option left, Go marry a Doctor or Engineer holder if he is suitable for you. Dont think about how people will judge your self respect. Respect your decision thats self respect.

I am not saying it will be easy but i guess its worth it if everything goes right to get married with a doctor or Engineer holder at this young age .

Criticism , Judgement  , suggestion are highly appreciated :)

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