I was Harassed

No, I was not roving with a person from opposite gender.
No, I was not beaten up by husband.
No, I was not drinking alcohol in a pub.
No, I was not out with my friends in night.
No, I was not walking in a quiet street.
No, I wasn't travelling in a jam-packed bus or in a vacant one.
No, I was not wearing a sleeveless top neither a short dress.
No, I was not wearing Ghungat/hijab/covering my face which may
provoke anyone to see how I look.
No, I was not molested directly.
No, I was not raped.
Yes, I was Harassed, I was harassed through eyes. I was looked at my body parts with complete lust in eyes. I was being stared without the gaze even moving. I got frightened. I felt helpless. It was the day I realised that how one can be harassed even without being touched. What was my fault? Was it that I was silent? Was it that I was born as a girl? Was it that I went to earn to support my family financially? What was it? I am still wondering. Wondering that will I ever get answer?

- Jahan Ara S.

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