Kids Please Stay Away

I am very confused and scared now. I am single and share a flat with another guy. My flatmate has gone on a 3-week vacation. Since the day he left, I am feeling a strange presence in the house. Few days back, I woke up in the middle of the night to a knocking sound on my bedroom door. I went and checked around the house and the main door was locked and there was no one. Then I heard a rumbling sound in the kitchen as if some metal container fell on the floor. I went and checked, and everything
was fine.

I asked aloud if there is anyone here, give me another sign. And the something fell behind me. I turned and saw a spatula fallen on the floor. I didn't see it falling so still I was confused if that was kept on the edge and fell by itself. I asked for another sign which never came.
Then the most strange thing happened today morning. I woke up and was checking my phone and suddenly I could smell a bad fart. I had not farted and the bed was suddenly full of the smell. I moved around and the smell was coming from the bed. A few seconds later it was gone. Then it happened again after 5 minutes. I then got up from the bed and went to the bathroom. The bathroom is little dark so I switched on the lights. While I was in the bathroom, the lights went off. I thought of the power failure. Then when I came out, I saw the fan running the bedroom. I immediately went and checked the bathroom light switch and it was switched off!!! I tried remembering if there was light was on in the bathroom when I entered, and it was!! Someone had switched off the lights when I was in there.

I checked all the doors and they were bolted from inside. Today I am going to spend the night at my friend's place. 
My ex-girlfriend had died last month in an accident. Do you think it could be her? She anyways was a kind of ghost when she was alive, do you think she turned into a real ghost after death and has come back to harass me again?

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