Letter from an Old friend.

Hope you are fine and so is your life. It has been around 5 years since you last saw me. Before that you used to love me a lot, what happened now? You forgot me, just because you got someone more attractive than me?
 I still remember the day when we got introduced to each other. You got delighted when you saw me, at least do you remember it? You touched me like I was a new born baby, you caressed my head as if I was a cute little pup and I silently stood there loving those touches.
When your friend went three thousand kilometers far away from you, remember how I helped you to be in contact? I never knew you would do this to me, I know people move forward with technology but I gave memories to cherish forever, at least for that remember me at least once in a year.
Whenever you waited for your friend who used to reach after one hour of the estimated time I was right there beside you to sway on me since my home was your meeting point. I never complained that how much irritated I used when you leaned on me, neither about your friend who used to come late.
Whenever you needed someone to share your sorrows, your pleasure, your annoyance you wrote and gave them to me, without any address just to write your feelings out and I kept them as a secret. At least be grateful for not disclosing it to the public like people do now by taking screenshots.
Remember the person whom you loved when you were in class 12, I helped you to communicate with the person. You were afraid but I and my friend helped you to write about feelings. If we weren't there you would never have wrote it and know her feelings for you.
When you got married, through me you sent invitation cards to your friends and relatives? They weighed a lot but I kept mum just to help you. But you didn’t even thank me? Oh wait, you think that it’s my responsibility? If so why don’t you tell your new friend to be the bridge to reach someone’s doorstep? Can you?
I have got a Government job. Only the Govt. Employees remember me, I wonder where I would have been today without them?
Today you have money, gadgets, the girl you love and a good job, so you just threw me out of your life like a trash? Do you know how much hurt I am? Do you know how much I miss your presence around me?
Don’t remember me when you are in hurry but at least when you have time? At least for the memories, for the help I did? We had a long term relationship, respect it please. I never knew you will forget me because of the technology. Come back to me, I will give you more memories. I will always wait for a single letter from you, always.
With love,
The forgotten Post Box.

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