The Surprise Proposal

February 14 is here  and that means valentine's day. Here is a small story of mine from last year's valentine's day.

I and my friends were in Phoenix mall, One of the stalls was conducting a game where a person has to go up to a random person and propose in front of everyone and if this is successfully done, a prize is issued.

I have no experience in talking with girls, one of my friend pushed me into the crowd and people started to encouraging me, I was totally stuck and I don't know how to propose, There was a girl cheering me up in the crowd, I took a rose and proposed her 'I love you' and I received my prize and left. The girl took a liking to me and was waiting at the same place for me to return. When i eventually came back a few hours later, she went up to the stall got the mic and proposed me and added that she liked me and wanted to get to know about me better. The crowd was looking at me and finally I accepted her proposal.

Finally we ended up spending the day together and we're together now.

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