Things Woman Undergo After Marriage.

Well, my confession regarding the life of women after marriage. I am raised in a family where there is no discrimination between girls and boys. I was lucky to have the opportunity to study, work and take a decision on my own. I had a full-time job with good salary where I was highly appreciated for my hard work and sincerity and also I was pursuing my education. I used to score highest marks in my exam. I often used to help my mom in the kitchen being cooking as my hobby. Everyone in my family was happy and proud of me.Things changed drastically after marriage.

My whole schedule went up and down but it was fine things do change after marriage waking up early in the morning, cleaning, making tea, cooking food, washing dishes, washing clothes, going to work and going to college, returning home and doing the household work for some day I did without any complaints. Then my health problem arose a severe backache, could not even walk and stand.I was immediately taken to my dad’s house and my mom took care of me. Then after returning to husband’s house again, same house works and office work, I am studying expensive technical subject for which my parents are sponsoring my education as my in-laws are against my study. Despite working, my mother in law used to complain about me and my works. used to tell my husband bad words about me that initiated a fight between me and my husband.Used to cry alone in bathroom.

My mother in law often complains about my culture and my parents. I try to share my feelings with my husband but he ignores. Most of the time I see my husband playing mobile games(password in mobile that I don’t know) and watching TV or goes out with his friends after he returns from work.During my exam time, it was extremely difficult for me as I was compelled to do household works no matter what, so I went to my dad’s house.

Whenever I tell my husband for going out somewhere, he denies me but goes with his friends.I was so sad and fought with him.He told his friends means much more to him than me.I was so shocked.I have been working in his house like a slave. The limitation was over the head and so I shouted. my mother in law told me that I am a wife and should not talk to my husband that way.working in-house is a wife’s duty and bla..bla..she started adding petrol to the fire and so my husband started bad words on me. I finally asked me if he needed me or not and he said only if I take care of his house and family or else I may leave the house.

Dear Girls, please don't get married early that too arranged one.Find your perfect partner and enjoy your life.

-Broken Heart

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