Three Beautiful Souls

She Got pregnant for the first time.It was very painful for Both of them, Yes for both Because for her the physical pain was unbearable and for him, seeing her cry was a torture.
Every Morning he used to make coffee for her, bring chocolates, especially silks which was her favorite. Romantic Novels were her all time favorite.Lying on Bed with 100 of such novels she used to Read them and he used to paint her Nails sleeping in her lap.The love between them was enigmatic.
He becomes stupefying when she would sometimes wake up in the Middle of the Night from the Muscle cramp.He tried to Make her Go Back to sleep by his lullabies which were her favorite and that soothes her pain.
She Didn't feel like eating anything.He would try Making different Recipes to Make her eat But every time she calls him and says with a low voice "Baby please come and hold Me " and every time with her childish voice he would hold her tightly.
They went for a walk everyday he came from his office so that she felt Refreshed.He was like an armor for her, every time he dealt with her emotional breakdowns by putting his hand on her tummy. "You know what baby, You"ll Give birth to a baby Girl."
No, shut up! It will be a baby boy, she said him hitting him on his head. No, "You'll be the Mother of a Girl ."
No, it should be a boy, she said emotionally.
Ok fine, It will be a boy then .?
Then what, I'll make my boy join in karate class to beat you", she said Making puppy faces.
oh okay, Wheather it will be he/she, I know You"ll wholeheartedly Because he/she will be the symbol of our love.
And you know Baby, if it will be a Boy then his Name will be "Aaayush " and if will be Girl then her name will be "Ayusha"
And thus Every Night Every Night by telling her nice cute things about how their baby would turn out to be; tiny fingers, big eyes like hers, pink lips and how he/she will call their names for the first time. He told her stories about how their child’s first day at school would be. Hearing all this instantly cheered her up.
The day finally came when her water broke. He rushed her to the hospital hurriedly.Seeing her scream in pain was horrifying for him.He was waiting outside the Labour Room, Nurse came and said" She Gave Birth to a Beautiful Baby Girl.
There was not limit of his happiness, he went in the Room kissed her on the forehead.
"I wish I could bear all Your pain ".
You did babu, she said with a consented voice and smiled at him :')
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